Preservation Volunteers' mission is simple: to help rejuvenate valuable pieces of history and work to revitalize communities, all while forming inter-cultural friendships.

Our Goals

  • Through its web site and its steadily enlarging network of interested organizations, Preservation Volunteers can act as a national information exchange for preservation volunteers and projects.
  • Preservation Volunteers can foster the creation of -- and give hope to -- small, unprofessional preservation groups with specific projects.
  • Through teaching/work sites, Preservation Volunteers offers a special learning experience for young and old alike.
  • With a wide variety of projects available, Preservation Volunteers intends also to attract experienced volunteers and to make use of their special skills and supervisory ability.
  • Through its continuing French connection, Preservation Volunteers maintains a close learning relationship, valuable to both organizations.

What people are saying

It’s a chance to step back in the past and do things the old way. The old manner. Sometimes the old ways are the best ways.
— Bob P, Volunteer
They were simply wonderful! They were smart, they worked hard, and our people loved them.
— Richard Moylan, President of Green-Wood Cemetery
I liked having a chance to work with actual preservationists in two very different settings. It gave me an idea of what a “day in the life” of a conservator might be like, with all of the considerations one must take into account when working on a historic site.
— Zahara G, Volunteer